We had a great hunt with Cory and family last weekend. A couple of pictures for you. I couldn't have been happier with junior. Lots of birds and he did a great job.I truly have only done some foundational work and planted a few pigeon for him and he was really solid. That says a lot for your breeding program and the quality of dogs you are producing.

Thanks for getting me and this dog together, I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment in the field and around the house for both of us.

Good Hunting






We got some preseason birds at a local hunting preserve

They flagged the first 3 birds out of 6 hens released.

Tank passed over the first one without reaction, We went

ahead and kicked that bird up with Adam shooting it at

about 15 yards to get him used to the shooting sound.

No problem there, in fact that got him excited.He pointed

the rest of the birds for the day. They were great points!

He even came up with a rooster that wasn't released.

He's a great dog.     Chris



Thanks for Greta. This is great!! At 7 months I took her hunting with some friends and their dogs. She performed better than the older dogs we were with. Plus when you are done you go home and I haven't had to keep her in a kennel, She stays in the yard and plays with the neighbor kids.       What a dog!!!       Thanks a million Joe            Brad Post happy dog owner from Simons Hunting              Dogs Pics of Greta below at 7 months of age                                                             




We have spent a great deal of time at kennels in the recent past.searching for a pointer or a setter.Our focus has been to find an adult male with all the attributes most everyone is looking for, good manners,strong on point,good personality/character, good looks etc. your shorthairs have what we were looking for, and it was apparent immediatly on our arrival. At the prior kennels we were really never tempted.but at your kennel it was difficult to make the choice among several dogs available. The choice we made evolved over a week or so of back and forth emails. and our new guy Benny is looking good.   Thanks Joe

Tom Cain


Our little guy Benny is doing really well. He has a great disposition. He is calm in the house, Well for 5 1/2 months old he is calm.And he is learning quickly.He is also very FUNNY when he gets a chew bone and lugs it around. I'm enjoying him as a great addition to our family and am looking forward to lots of good walks with him.     

Thanks a Lot Judy                         




Here is a recent picture, We could not be happier with GW and we think he is very happy here also. He is a big goofball, Good luck selling his puppies, if they are anything like him they will be fantastic!

Thanks again for selling GW to us!!

Brad and Reyn


Joe  Judy and I got to Florida yesterday ahead of the snowstorm, We came this year by way of Tennessee( To see a Flintlock rifle collection) and than by way of Louisiana ( for a woodcock hunt)    Benny could not have performed any better!  he pointed the woodcock and retrieved them as well. Most dogs don't want anything to do with woodcock. and it is rare they will pick them up. He also plowed through the very heavy cover along the Mississippi river. He also gets a lot of compliments on his looks. He is doing better in the house too. He has a twinkle in his eye and handles quite well. He has a good Brain.   Thanks Tom


  Hi Joe

The feeling that Gsps were always our favorite Breed has been set in stone after just our first few hunts with our 13 month old female from Simons hunting dogs. She trusts her nose, Responds well to our commands, seems to read our minds, she tops off every determined find with a cheerful and efficient retrieve. We are both impressed and joyful at the hunting dog and house pet with which we have been blessed.   Richard and Dawn Downey   Alabama