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                      For Sale  ( Bear )

Bear is a hard hunting Liver roan male. goes back to hillhaven Hustler breeding   points,honors, retrieves land and water,whoa broke, loads on command.  nice disposition

                     For Sale  ( Clancy)

Clancy is Liver and White male, Tonellis Risind sun and Rawhides Clown Breeding, Points, honors, Retrieves to hand land and water, whoa broke, loads on command.



                       FOR SALE  ( JACK )

Jack is a liver and white male out of Annie and Fritz points, and retrieves like a champ, working whoa and shooting lots of birds over him now. retrieves like a machine


                  SOLD ( Sam )

Sam is a very nice solid black shorthair. Sam has a great pedigree rawhides clown on his daddy's side and tonelli's rising sun on his momma's side.  Sam points, honors, retrieves, loads on command, whoa broke. very smart!!! gonna be super pet and hunting companion


                Sold ( Manny )

Manny is littermate to sam  Manny is going to end up around 45 pounds. snappy in the field, great disposition loves to retrieve. points honors, loads, pretty fella

              Manny                       Manny mom gabby


                 Sold  ( Biggs  )

Biggs is a hard hunting machine with a super nose.

Biggs Daddy has a lot of master hunters in his pedigree.His momma is my fern. fern is excellent !!  Biggs points honors, retrieves, loads on command , working whoa and getting plenty of birds shot over him.



                        Sold  ( SID )

Sid is a littermate to biggs, he is as natural as they get. solid as a rock on point, honors on sight, retrieves, loads on command, whoa broke, very nice!!!


                                          SOLD ( Jessi )

Jessi is going be a show stopper!!! She has great athletic ability, She is intelligent, points, honors on sight, retrieves, loads on command, working whoa now. Littermate to biggs out of fern and buck.


                             sold   ( Chief )

Chief was welped on 2-1-2013  coming 3 year old male, son of Buck and sugar. hard hunter, has been on wild quail and pheasant, solid on point, whoa broke, loads on command, retrieves to hand. excellent nose. very nice dog


                   Sold  (Keela)

Keela is a daughter of Duals and Sugar, points,retrieves to hand, whoa broke,loads on command, hunts gun range.Keela is all white with a solid black head, she weighs about 42# very nice pet as well as hunting dog.


                    Sold  (Jewel)

Jewel is a daughter of Duals and sugar, points,retrieves to hand, whoa broke, loads on command,Has had several pheasant shot over her, nice disposition, will make a great companion as well as a hunting partner.



                              Sold (Leroy)

Patch is a son of Fritz and Fern. Great pedigree! Patch has a lot of point in him and is going to be a great retriever. Pay for him through the year and pick him up in September 2015 ready to hunt 


                     Sold (Toby)

Toby is the son of fritz and fern, Great pedigree! Pay for him through the year and pick him up ready to hunt in September




Lucy is a daughter of fritz and fern, Great pedigree!pay for her through the year. pick her up ready to hunt next fall



Billy is a son of j and Haleys beat it. excellent pedigree, ready to go next September  purchase now pay for him through the summer.



               Sold   ( Bud ) 

Bud is a son of (Duals and Jen) Duals is line bred Tonelli's Rising Sun a multiple field champion.  Jen is line Bred Rawhides Clown also a several time field Champion, Buds Grandpa Levy's City Slickin Clown is a field champion. Bud has tons of natural point style and is a natural retrieving machine just like Duals his daddy. Bud is gonna be a big boy with a lapdog disposition and tons of hunt drive in him.He has stud dog written all over him. gonna be great!!




       sold   Emma

emma is a daughter of duals and sugar, she is in training now and will be ready to hunt this fall  all white with solid liver head  gonna be very nice


                 Sold (Jazz)


Jazz is sharp sharp!!  clown bred classy point, being trained now.Rawhides Clown Tonellis Rising Sun Genetics,


           Sold  (Reno)

Solid Liver Male  Very sharp, very social, hard hunting retrieving machine. Reno is in training now. points solid,retrieves to hand. being whoa broke now, and will be a great companion dog that is an awesome gundog


                     Sold ( Greta )

Greta is out of (Duals and Jen) Duals is line bred tonelli's Rising Sun a multiple field champion,  Greta has the breeding to be a great mother with genetics you will not beat. she is a natural retrieving machine. Great disposition with tons of drive and style



                                               Sold ( Fritz )

Fritz is a son of (Duals and Jen) Duals is line bred Tonelli's Rising Son a multiple field Champion and Jen is line bred Rawhides Clown another multiple Champion Fritz Grandpa Levy's City Slicken Clown is a field Champion. Fritz is a natural retriever, tons of point , fancy looker.





                                                   For Sale (Annie)

Annie is a liver and white great granddaughter of Rawhides clown on one side and a great granddaughter of tonelli's rising son on the other. Hunts hard, quarters in field nice, hunts in gun range. Annie is a sweetheart that is going to make an awesome family pet as well as a very sharp hunting companion.  points, honors, retrieves, loads, very nice




Boone is out of Duals and Sugar, He is a beautiful black and white male, Nice blocky beautiful head, Boone is a hunting machine. Retrieves like a champ land or water, points solid, honors, loads on command, Boone is a brush buster hunts the heavy cover hard, cattails etc.   Boone is a very hard hunter could be tournament dog. also very nice companion!!!